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Elemental solutions for custom integration of home theatre,
home automation and residential/commercial electronics.
Comfort Control:

Lighting -

Eliminate the need to adjust lighting by running from room to room. With our lighting systems, your lifestyle requirements and personal preferences are preprogrammed so it all happens with the touch of a button from your tablet, smart-phone, or your touch screen control panel. Our systems feature:

• Central control
• Programming for each room and occasion
• All-on and all-off controls from any room
• Automatic control while you’re away

Our efficiency experts will apply their knowledge of how to conserve energy and preserve the beauty of your possessions. It is all part of a total package that increases the value of your home while improving the quality of life for every member of your household. Our shading systems feature:

• Central control
• Heating and cooling system integration
• Programming for each room
• Compatibility with most any form of window treatment
• Automatic control while you’re away


Automated climate control systems pay for themselves by conserving energy at every point of use throughout the day and night. From adjusting the temperature of your hot tub and pool, to the energy management of each room of your home, these systems adjust for personal wants and needs as well as peak usage and time of day. You never have to think about any of it. Features include:

• Cutting-edge energy conservation techniques
• Digital thermostats you set and forget
• Independent temperature and humidity for any room
• Programmed control of pools and spas
• Integration with lighting and shading systems

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